A Five Song Postcard

by Bourgeois Girl

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Recorded in Phoenix, Arizona by some cool friends.


released February 21, 2016

Special thanks to Logan Misegadis, Ryan Michener, Bekki Goetzinger, Caleb Halbersma, Jake Quinn and Craig Borne for the production of this.

Many thanks to Aaron Saye, Amos Helvey, David Jacoby, Tony Mason, James Jame Calvet, Micah Butler and Jim Norris for making this possible.


tags: rock loud Denver


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Bourgeois Girl Denver, Colorado

We started in January of 2016. We make loud noises and stuff.

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Track Name: 1958
Stare at the ceiling for an hour or two
Hold your breath until your turning blue
Tie my organs up with your heart string
Let's pretend that it meant something

Drive on aimlessly throughout the night
Despite having one broken head light
Maybe all the stars they can relate
Let's pretend it's 1958
Track Name: American Summer
Will you last an American Summer?
Despite what happened in the spring?
Are you gonna be like this forever?
Or is this just temporary?

Are we gonna pretend nothing happened?
Just laugh it off as a means to end.
and then next year will I see you
and will we do it all over again?

Will you last an American Summer?
Despite what happened in the Spring?
Are you gonna be like this forever?
Or is this just temporary?
Track Name: Couch Lock
Red Rosie
Why you gotta be so blue?
Haven't you ever noticed
That I'm falling for you?

Oh if you ever,
Please don't ever,
forget me

Oh Darling
You know everybody talks
and the things they're saying
well I don't want to get into it too much

Oh if you ever
Please don't ever
Leave me behind

I say the wrong words sometimes
When I'm trying to get back in line
Your expression is so crystal clear
Just say the words and we'll Run away

Anywhere'd be nice just get me out of here

All the bougies have raised their glasses
singing a hymn of pure discord
you and me we've got different mindsets
yet here they come with the pitchforks
let's just run away

It'll be alright c'mon dry your tears

Oh baby
I've seen what you did
And It's not coming down so softly
Yeah, you best forget it
Track Name: Sober
So is this what it's like to be normal?
Did somebody rewire my brain?
What's this sinking feel in my torso?
and what is this coursing through my veins?

I swear I am sober

Numbers and noises tell me it's daytime
when I don't want to get out of bed
I swear I'll figure it out sometime
and then you can brag to all your friends

I thought I was sober

Let's stay warm with this one lone cigarette
As we stand in a house caught aflame
Slowly we'll turn into silhouettes
As the ashes are all swept away

I guess I'm not Sober

Hosting asylum deep inside your eyes
Oceans of stress slowly wash away
Finally I've come to realize
That I am not in a normal state

I'm clearly not sober
Track Name: No Oceans
Can someone take the lead?
For I've grown too weary
feel my fingers feeling numb
hear my speech going dumb

White Collar and red dress
Why can't we be silhouettes?
Conscious calls calls for me
When I want to be at sea